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This is a spring board for aspiring real estate agents, sales persons,property managers and marketing agents. Participants are introduced to the nature of real estate, marketing and sales skills, legal and ethical issues in real estate practice. It gives strong foundation that helps partiipants to achieve knwoledge and practical skills in brokerage management aimed at Individual growth in performance and productivity.

This Graduate and Adaptation program is a springboard for professional Real Estate practice. It
provides a good understanding of theoretical and practical skills to effectively carry out activities
in the Real Estate brokerage. It is a work-based Three (3) months training and a blend of Virtual
Learning Environment (VLE) with a face-to-face interaction towards the end of the course. A
students’ handbook has been prepared to work as the essential guide to studying at REIEA.
Graduates of this training will be able to practice as Real Estate Sales persons.

Here are the modules of the course:-

  1. Introduction to Real Estate Practice- IRP
  2. Marketing and Sales Skills in Real Estate Practice- MSS
  3. Legal and Ethical Issues In Real Estate Practice- LEI
  4. Geographical Information System in Real Estate Practice- GIS

This work based programme has been designed for graduate participants who are already
practicing real estate and are interested in improving their performance efciency and
effectiveness. It includes practitioners who already possess well established credentials but are
interested in solving the ever increasing challenges faced by the real estate profession.
The institute offers the latest tools to help participants to brain storm the right course for their
business by generating and closing more deals, serve their clients better, improve productivity and
make more money. You are advised to fully participate, read hard, follow the course program and
use our state of the art education technology to gain from the ocean of knowledge of our tutors
and fellow participants. This is a participatory course where both participants and tutors are
expected to share knowledge in order to make it more practical and engaging.
Study materials are sent online and you are requested to print them for ease of reading and
handling. Should you be in need of hard copies, please don’t hesitate to pick them from our ofce
at a cost of $10.
At REIEA, we expect you to LEARN, PRACTICE and EXCEL

  • Objectives
    --To equip participants with the knowledge and skills involved in real estate agency
    --To enable participants start a professional real estate business
    --To help participants apply international best practice in real estateagency
    --Improve career prospects and work performance of participants
  • Course Modules

    --Introduction to Real Estate business
    --Legal and ethical issues in Real Estate
    --Geographical Information System (GIS)
    --Marketing and Sales skills
  • Learning outcomes

    1. Conduct property inspections
    2. Develop property listing
    3. Perform sales and marketing functions
    4. Apply Agency ofce management and skills
    5. Analyze Real Estate market
    6. Handle property negotiations
    7. Apply best practice of real estate agency
  • Career prospects

    -Real Estate Salespersons
    -Property Office managers
    -Property Sales officers
    -Property Conveyancers
    -Entry requirements
  • Entry requirements
    University degree in Real Estate studies.
    University degree from any feld plus a minimum of two AREA-U structured trainings. “A”
    Level plus a certifcate/diploma from tertiary institute and a minimum of two years’
    experience in Real Estate


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